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Backed by research, development and trials

World-Class Experts

Doctors & Derma-Pharmacologists behind the studies. We teamed up with an innovative CRO (CONTRACT RESEARCH ORGANIZATION) with over 10 years of experience leading consumer trials with renowned brands. Our results have been reviewed by Dr. Elizabeth Poynor, PhD, and founder of Poynor Health.


We had 100 participants. The aim of the study was to assess the qualities, efficacy and future use for a product to improve discomfort from premenstrual syndrome and symptoms of premenopause and menopause. 50% of participants had PMS symptoms and the remaining 50% had menopausal symptoms. They were between the ages of 28 and 55, and used Tummy Butter 
for 60 days on a daily basis.

The Study

The CRO sent each participant an unbranded product. An app was created specifically for this study, which included a pre-questionnaire and a daily check-in asking participants to specify time and area of use, to ensure consistency and compliance. Results are published on this website. Our next study will start early 2022 and will include 120 women.

Premium ingredients. Premium Results.
Tummy Butter Trial Results

of women would stop using
their current treatment

experienced a reduction
in symptoms

improvements in mood

*Clinical test conducted with 100 women over 60 days

Backed by science:
Why our products are so effective

When you combine the best of nature and the best of science, you get better results. Ingredients definitely do matter – though how ingredients interact matters too. Here is why formulation is so important:

An ingredient could be fine on its own, but when combined with another ingredient, it could potentially lose power, or have too much power! A "safe" ingredient could even become problematic if it combines with an irritating ingredient.

Calibration + Dossage
It’s really the finished product that matters. We can all go to the grocery store and get the best ingredients. Those ingredients could combine to make a tasty dish – or one that is not so tasty. How the ingredients mix together for the finished product is what matters.

At Glow, we believe in evaluating the formula as a whole, not simply the component ingredients. It’s harder work but we believe the results are worth the extra effort.